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»G3 SPEEDBUMP™FOAM Our newest German engineered and manufactured G3 Speedbump™ foam palm. By creating a 3D-structured palm foam of two G3 Ultrasoft layers, the geometrically placed SpeedBumps™ work as an additional barrier, raise the friction between the glove and the ball and consequently assist the keeper in reducing the speed of the ball. More friction leads to higher control and ultimately an increased grip sensation.

»GRIPThe brand new three-dimensionally structure G3 SpeedBump palm offers 100% grip.

»BACKHANDPerforated Neoprene with silicone accents. » FREEFLEX™ snug fitting, extremely flexible one-piece backhand that provides pure second skin feel.

»LIGHTNESSBy combining innovative materials we created our lightest professional goalkeeper glove line ever.

»BREATHABILITYperforated upper materials guarantee unlimited air circulation and constant ventilation

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cheap nfl jerseys Bad etiquette, however, is virtually.11Body Art, Tattoos PiercingBody Piercing Complications 19 months agoThe prevalence of body piercing has been rising in the past few decades as various types of piercing have become acceptable by mainstream culture. One way to enhance your profits is to trade around a core stock position. Patrick\’s Day 8 years agoBeing of Irish ancestry, it has always been tradition in our family since as long as I can remember to have where to buy nfl corned beef and cabbage on New Year Day for good luck and prosperity in the New Year cheap nfl jerseys.

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